*** 3.5.2016 The registration for the FinnPEZ 2016 event is now closed!      *** 14.2.2016 We have now added Lennart's travel journal from FinnPEZ 2015 to our website - Check from here      *** 24.5.2015 The picture gallery updated with photos from FinnPEZ 2015 - Check it from here

Absentee Pack

The FinnPEZ Absentee Registration Packs
  for the year 2016 are sold out and no longer available   

BIG Thanks to you all who supported FinnPEZ
by ordering the Absentee Registration Pack!
Your support is highly appreciated.

In 2016 we had 40 FinnPEZ 2016 Absentee Registration Packs available. Thank you for your interest towards our event!

Each Absentee Pack had:

  • One cool FinnPEZ 2016 Limited edition dispenser,
    made especially for FinnPEZ by PEZ Austria.
    Only available through FinnPEZ.
  • FinnPEZ 2016 pin
  • FinnPEZ 2016 sticker
They were sold in a -first come, first served- manner.

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