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Welcome to the Finnish PEZ Gathering - FinnPEZ - website.

In 2016 FinnPEZ is celebrating it's 10th event! And we are going bigger than ever before - three days full of fun. The 10th FinnPEZ is held from May 18th to May 21st 2016 (18.-21.5.2016) in Helsinki, the Capital city of Finland. If you haven't yet been in FinnPEZ, this is the year to join us in the fun. We wish all of you PEZ collectors out there to welcome to Finland for PEZ celebration. No matter if you are in Japan, USA, Switzerland or where ever in the World - take a flight and join us in the FinnPEZ fun next Spring.

If you are not familiar with our PEZ Gathering please read further, take a look at the pictures from past events and also check our diary section where you can find experiences from our past years' events.

Hope to see you, your family and all your friends here in Finland in 2016.

REGISTRATION made before the event is required.
The registration for the 2016 event is now CLOSED.

More detailed info about the event and how to get to Helsinki can be found here.

If you are interested in visiting our event or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by email:

Please check out this cool video made by Pezamania 2014 attendees for FinnPEZ. Thanks Bill H.

Thank you very much for all the people taking part in this AWESOME FinnPEZ video filmed at the Pezamania, Cleveland Ohio...

Posted by FinnPEZ - The Finnish PEZ Gathering on 8. huhtikuuta 2015


If you are not familiar with FinnPEZ, you might wonder what is this site all about. Well let us tell you.

It's all about PEZ. Basically the FinnPEZ started as a national get-together for Finnish PEZ collectors. As far as we know there are approximitely 40 PEZ collectors in Finland and the number has been rising fast. During the year 2006 Finnish PEZ collectors started more to find each other. This was mainly because of the new Finnish PEZ collectors' forum. As time passed by, conversation started every now and then drifting towards the subject of getting faces to these forum nicknames. At that point we, the three organizers decided to do something about it. And this is how the FinnPEZ - The Finnish PEZ Gathering was born.

The 1st Finnish PEZ Gathering was held 17.3.2007 in the city of Tampere. As mentioned the basic idea was to get together with other Finnish PEZ collectors and to have fun with the PEZ and to get to know each other better by interacting, playing PEZ games, swapping and trading, etc. This was all achieved. The event was very nice with very nice people and very nice PEZs. It was also nice to see what kind of treasures these co-collectors have in their collections :). At first we started off small with dozen participants which included six collectors.

Luckily, we the organizers, weren't the only ones who enjoyed the event. The feedback we received from participants was positive and signaled us that there was a need for this kind of event in Finland. We were encouraged by all this and decided to proceed with our gathering, as we originally had planned, and made this truly a annual event.

And the idea materialized when the 2nd Annual FinnPEZ Gathering was held 15.3.2008 at Tampere. Now having 32 participants with 15 separate collections. It was nice to notice that the recent boom in PEZ collecting in Finland showed in numbers and especially has recently got many youngsters to collect PEZs.

As year 2009 arrived, it was obvious that we'd all meet again at Tampere for the 3rd FinnPEZ. And that we did. It was 21.3.2009 and we felt that we, the organizers, must have done something right, as we had achieved a constant level of attendees. Not all the same people, but 30 participants with 15 separate collections. All Finnish.

By 2010 we had had increasing numbers of intenational enquiries of the possibility to participate our small scale PEZ event and as many of us Finnish collectors had attended PEZ events in US and Europe it was a natural development for the event to go international. For this 2010 came unfortunately too quickly and we didn't have capabilities nor the space yet, but it was clear that 4th FinnPEZ 20.3.2010 would be the last only national event. That said, it was nice to see the largest number of Finnish PEZ collectors with their families enjoying a day around PEZ. In 2010 we had 43 participants in total who amongst themselves holded 17 different collections! Quite good result for the small event and small country.

The 2011 and 2012 events were also a similar success people-wise as had been the 2010 and the number of attendees were 45 plus. We were also very happy to see visitors from all around Europe: Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland.

The 7th FinnPEZ event was held at Tampere on Saturday the 20th of April 2013 (20.4.2013). We had this year a record number of individual collectors and also our first transatlantic guest from USA joining us in our small scale family oriented one day PEZ event. Great! Thank you all who made the FinnPEZ a joyful happy event once again.

In 2014 FinnPEZ moved to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. It seemed that our move was something people had waited for as in addition to our seasoned FinnPEZ veterans we saw lot of new collectors in our event! Which was superb! We also made European PEZ history as FinnPEZ 2014 was the biggest PEZ convention held in Europe ever. We had 70 people visiting FinnPEZ in 2014! Thank you all.

So if you are interested in our Northern event, please come and join us in Helsinki 2016 in our BIG celebration - an party not to be missed. Don't miss the cool PEZ party! Welcome!

Kind regards

Organizers of FinnPEZ



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