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Now you have an opportunity to experience the midnight sun in the Northernmost PEZ Gathering of the World. Even though Helsinki, located in the South coast of Finland, does not get the full midnight sun experience, it will still offer you the feel of the nightless night. At the time of the gathering the sun rises in Helsinki at 3:54 AM and sun sets at 10:47 PM making the day length to be 18 hours and 53 minutes.

Another great reason to come to FinnPEZ is to experience the happiest country in the World. A recent study was made in the Spring 2018 by United Nations (UN) and Finland was declared as the winner - the happiest nation in the World. Wow.

 Takes place in HELSINKI 
FinnPEZ -The Finnish PEZ Gathering - is held in Northern Europe, Finland, in the Finnish Capital HELSINKI.

 What and when? 

FinnPEZ - The Finnish PEZ Gathering - is a PEZ Collectors' Convention in Finland which is held annually. In 2018 the event is held on Saturday 16th of June (16.6.2018) in HELSINKI. There will be an informal pre-party on Friday night (June 15th) at the FinnPEZ convention lounge with lot of PEZ talk, snacks and good company. Like in previous years the main event is on Saturday the 16th.

The event is open for everyone, BUT a registration in advance is required. The event is all about having fun around PEZ - which basically means spending time with other PEZ collectors and fanatics, playing games, swapping, trading, chatting and laughing. We are very family oriented event so collectors going with whole family is a common thing in FinnPEZ.

FinnPEZ 2018 is held in South coast of Finland in the Finnish Capital Helsinki (check location of Helsinki from this map).

FinnPEZ is held in the same place where it has been for few years now, in Finlandia Park Hotel Helsinki (check the hotel website here) which located some 6 km North from Helsinki city centre and 11 km South from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Check from here how to get from airport to the hotel.

  Friday June 15th

In the evening the FinnPEZ convention lounge is open for chilling and nibbles and hanging out with good company. Hosted by the FinnPEZ Crew. The conference room is open for setting up the sales tables for those who will have a sales table at the main FinnPEZ event on Saturday. No sales on Friday, only setting up the tables. An informal casual evening with PEZ.


  Saturday June 16th

The FinnPEZ main event.

In the FinnPEZ 2018 main event we'll have fun around PEZ for one day. During the day we'll have several PEZ related games. Game winners and runner-ups will be awarded with PEZ related prices. In addition to games we of course trade/swap sell/buy dispensers & other PEZ related items. If you need a table at the event for your PEZs, please provide the info in the registration. We have a fair number of tables available, but please register early to confirm your table - first come first served.

The event starts at 11:00 o'clock and ends at 18:00 o'clock. During the day there will be coffee/tea/juice and small snacks available and we will also have a lunch in the afternoon. Refreshments and lunch are included in the registration fee for all attendees.

After the event we'll have a short break and then head out to dinner and to have fun - the part also known as the famous FinnPEZ After Party - What happens in FinnPEZ stays in FinnPEZ. Everyone staying in Helsinki after the event is welcome to come and join our night in town.

 Fees - Registration prices 
FinnPEZ has the following registration fees in 2018:

  • First registree, 75 €
    registration fee of the first registree (first registree of the household, family, company) includes:
    a goodiebag with one special FinnPEZ gathering dispenser made espsecially for FinnPEZ by PEZ company,
    FinnPEZ t-shirt, FinnPEZ sticker, goodiebag with all kinds of PEZ items, etc. (Only one first registree registration per household / family / company).

  • Other registrees of the same household / family / company with ages of 0-3 years, 0 €

  • Other registrees of the same household / family / company with ages of 4-12 years, 12 €

  • Other registrees of the same household / family / company with ages of 13 years and older, 22 €

All registrees will get t-shirt and also on Saturday the LUNCH, refreshments and snacks are included in the registration fee.

Registration fees do not cover the costs Friday evening pre-party or Saturday evening after party.


  • Everyone who attends the Friday night pre-party, 10€
    The price includes snacks and dips and cover cost of the conference room rent.

FinnPEZ is a non-profit event and all the registration fees are used to cover the organization costs of the event.


A registration made beforehand is mandatory / required.

Only registrations made before Monday 14.5.2018 (14th of May) are eligable for the goodiebag. Registration can also be made after the 14th of May, but the acceptance and goodiebag cannot be guaranteed for the late registrees.

  Registration for the FinnPEZ 2018 is now OPEN!!   

Please fill in the registration form here:   REGISTER HERE  

Registration fees can be paid either via bank transfer (IBAN/BIC) or via PayPal. As bank fees are high when paying from non-Euro countries, it is recommended that non-euro countries pay via PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account the payment can be arranged in other ways. We hope that the payment is made after the registration, but the latest 4 weeks before the event. Bank transfer and PayPal information will be passed to you after receiving your registration e-mail.

 Accommodation - Rooms 

A quantity of rooms have been reserved from the hotel for the participants of FinnPEZ. The prices of the rooms are different on the week nights and weekend nights. The negotiated prices for FinnPEZ attendees can be seen from the table below.

There are only couple of so called family rooms (3-4 persons) available. The organizers are staying in Finlandia Park Hotel Helsinki during the event and wish all of you welcome to stay. If you are interested in reserving a room from Finlandia Park Hotel Helsinki, please contact the hotel directly via email or phone. The negotiated lower prices CANNOT be booked from their website. Please mention that you are coming to FinnPEZ 2018. Finlandia Park Hotel Helsinki's website with the contact information can be found from here.

  Week nights
Mon - Thu
price per night
Fri - Sat night Sat - Sun night
Single person room 105 euros 85 euros 85 euros
Twin room (2 persons) 115 euros 95 euros 95 euros
Triple room (3 persons) 130 euros 105 euros 105 euros
Quodra room (4 persons) 145 euros 115 euros 115 euros

PLEASE NOTE: We have to release hotel rooms back for public sale from our room quantity Monthly and all the quantity rooms have to be released 5 weeks before the event (14th of May). So if you are staying at the hotel (like we of course would like you to) please reserve the room AS SOON AS POSSIBLE = IMMEDIATELY so that you can get the room from the convention hotel. Finlandia Park Hotel Helsinki is a rather small hotel with only 40 rooms so act fast.

Yes, there will be a special cool dispenser that is made for FinnPEZ 2018 by PEZ International! This limited edition dispenser is not available anywhere else - you get it only through us. So to quarantee that you will get one dispenser to your collection - register for FinnPEZ 2018 and come and join us.

And if you wonder how this special dispenser looks - well... come to Helsinki - we'll reveal it all in our FinnPEZ event - not before :)

 Pimp my PEZ 

Yes, the "Pimp my PEZ", is here again in 2018.

"The Pimp my PEZ" competiton has been the most popular game in FinnPEZ during the past 10 years.

The idea for the competition is that everyone can (if they want) make ONE fantasy pez AT HOME and bring it to Helsinki with you. In Helsinki, at the FinnPEZ event, all these fantasy pezs will be displayed and all the attendees will vote which is the best looking fantasy pez. The winner will be rewarded with a GOOD prize. The only limitation / rule for the competition is that the fantasy pez must have an original pez stem (mini and XXL pezs are also allowed). All the other parts and details can be whatever and don't have to be original PEZ parts. So let your imagination flow freely and create as wacky or otherwise stunning pimped PEZ which will amaze people and bring it with you to Helsinki!

Please look at the gorgeous designs of the top 3 contestants in FinnPEZ 2016 Pimp my PEZ competition. Kelle in the middle with the winning design of the fabulous and beautiful PEZ tree and runner-ups Davide and Samuel holding their awesome work. More pictures of the pimped pezs over the years can be found from our picture gallery..

 How to get from airport to the hotel 
You can use either bus, train or taxi. The hotel each easily reachable with all these transports. Hotel provides this info:

"You can take the Finnair City Bus or bus 615. They both leave you at a stop at Käpylänaukio, about 500 m walk from the hotel (along Pohjolankatu). We do recommend a taxi or a yellow cab for convenience with your luggage."

In addition to above, you can also take the P train from the Airport and get out of the train at the Käpylä stop. The Käpylä train station is located 800m from the hotel.

Timetables for the above busses and trains:

  • Finnair City Bus
  • Bus 615 (Lentoasema is Finnish for Airport). Traveling time 25 min + the walking time from bus stop to hotel.
  • P train (In the middle of the page are the trains leaving from Airport (Lentoasema) to Helsinki city centre) Traveling time 20 min + the walking time from station to hotel.

 How to get TO Helsinki? 
Helsinki is easily accessible from basically anywhere around the World. The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the main airport of Finland and also several low cost airlines fly to Helsinki from Europe. The list of Airlines flying to Helsinki-Vantaa airport can be found from here - Click AIRLINES on the page.

Finland and Helsinki is also accessible with boat/ship. There are frequent daily (several per day) boat/ships/ferries arriving from Stockholm, Sweden and Tallinn, Estonia. Ship companies that most commonly operate are: Viking Line and Tallink-Silja Line. In Helsinki-Tallinn way there are also other companies like Eckerö Line. All the ship companies mentioned here are reliable and reputable companies which all operate reliably.

 How to move INSIDE Helsinki? 
Whole Helsinki is accessible with public transport like busses, tram, commuter trains and metro/subway. All these provide good coverage within city of Helsinki. Main operator for the public transport is HSL. The same ticket is valid on all the vehicles mentioned above and also ferry that access Suomenlinna island fortress just outside of Helsinki city centre.

You can by either single tickets, day tickets or tickets for 1-7 days. The pricing information for tickets can be found here.

Please also notice that there is very good public transport guide/journey planner you can find here.

The tram line number 1 is very convenient line for us to travel to city centre and back to the hotel. From the front of the hotel, from the terminal stop, take tram 1 to Eira. The trams operate on weekdays (Mon-Fri) from 06.00 to 19.00 and on weekends (Sat-Sun) from 09.30 to 17.00. The route runs through Sörnäisnen, Töölö and Kamp.  

There is also many mobile apps for different phones thas show routes, help you plan your trip inside Helsinki etc. Please check the HSL mobile apps from here.

If you need to use taxi in Helsinki (Taksi in Finnish), please call to the number +358 100 0700. Taxi can also be ordered from their web site http://www.taksihelsinki.fi/en Taxis in Helsinki and in Finland in general are quite expensive BUT they all have fixed rates and are very reliable. So there is basically no difference which official taxi you use, it is reliable and will charge you by the official rates.

 What else to do in Helsinki? 
Helsinki is the Capital of Finland and also the largest city there are of course lots to do on your spare time. Please visit the Visit Helsinki website for more information.

Here are some things that you would like to see or do:

  • SeaLife, aquarium where you can explore underwater world. More info here.

  • Korkeasaari Zoo, a zoo on an island with lots of different animals from Finnish nature and all over the World. More info here.

  • Tropicario, The Tropical Animal House, a place where you can see snakes, lizards, etc. More info here

  • Finnish Museum of Natural History. More info here.

  • Suomenlinna, old sea fortress on an island just outside Helsinki city centre. There is also a toy museum in Suomenlinna. More info here.

  • Heureka Science center, great place with lot of interesting stuff for all family - both children and you. Heureka is located in the neighbouring city of Vantaa (by bus 40 minutes or so from the Helsinki city centre). More info here.

  • Children's Town, in Helsinki City Museum's Sederholm house. More info here.

  • Helsinki Skywheel - a ferris / observation wheel in the city centre. More info here.

  • Restaurant Torni (tower) - the bar of the restaurant is located in the top floor of the tower near city centre which gives spectacular view over the city. A perfect place to have drinks or coffee. More info here.

There is also lots and lots more attractions suitable for families listed in the Visit Helsinki website's "For Families" page. You can find the list here.

If you have any questions or would need any assistance from us, please don't hesitate to ask us. We do our best to help you.

 Absentee Registration Pack 
We have not yet decided if there will be absentee packs available or not. The info concerning absentee packs will be releases here on our website when the decision is made. Thank you for your patience.

 Questions? / Contact information 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail finnpez (a) gmail.com


FinnPEZ Crew

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