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What is PEZmiitti?

”PEZ miitti” (meet-up) is a small PEZ collector get-together in Turku, Finland, on May 20th (20.5.2023) organized by FinnPEZ. We welcome everyone interested in PEZ candy dispensers and all related to come and join us to have fun and meet other collectors. It’s been few years since the last one. At PEZmiitti everyone has the opportunity to enrich their collection by selling, buying and swapping everything PEZ related. Or to just hang out with other collectors having fun. PEZ people are the best. The event is very chill and informal - just a meet-up where like-minded people can meet each other enjoy the hobby they love.


When, Where and What does it cost?

PEZmiitti is held on Saturday May 20th 2023 in Turku/Åbo, Finland and is is open from 10:00 to 16:00. The event is held in the Turku city center area, 800m from the market square. The exact address will be sent to you in email after you have registered to the event.

The entry fee/registration is 8 euros per person. The fee covers venue expenses, coffee, tea and juice.


Who all can attend?

Everybody can! PEZmiitti is meant for EVERYONE who is interested in PEZ dispensers and all other things related to PEZs. It doesn't matter if you are only just thinking of starting collecting PEZ, or have just started to collect, or have collected 20 years already. All of you are more than welcome to come and join us to have fun. It would be great to see lot of PEZ-enthusiasts in PEZmiitti.

The event is opent to everyone, BUT a REGISTRATION in advance is required.


Event schedule


The special PEZ dispenser of the event

PEZ International has created a unique PEZ dispenser for our event! WOW! Only limited amount of these PEZs have been made and they are not available from anywhere else. The attendees have an opportunity to BUY one dispenser at the event.


Eating during the day

The entry fee includes coffee, tea and juice. In addition to this we will have small sweet and salty treats for sale at our in-house cafe.

We don't take any separate lunch break as such, but there are lot of restaurants nearby like an excellent pizzeria from where everyone can for example pick up a pizza and eat at the venue if you get hungry. At least one of us organizers will be present at the venue at all times.


Do you need a table at the event?

We have tables available at the event for those who need one. The size of the table is approx. 120 x 70 cm. There is only limited amount of tables available and these will be given out in the order they are reserved. You can reserve a table on the registration form.



PEZmiitti is open for everyone who is interested in PEZ, BUT a registration in advance is required. The registration form will be open until May 12th (12.5.2023).

The registration is 8 euros per person and this needs to be paid in advance before the event.

You can find the REGISTRATION FORM behind this link


Absentee Registration Pack

We are NOT offering Absentee registration pack at this time. We are planning to get some of our dispensers available later, but where, when and how is still open. Thank you for understanding


Cruise to Sweden at the end of the day with  Viking Line boat

At the end of the day, we organizers (FinnPEZ Crew = 6 persons) are heading to Turku harbour and from there towards Stockholm, Sweden and back - evening party on the boat. Viking Grace leaves from Turku harbour on May 20th at 20:55 and is back in Turku the next day, on evening Sunday May 21st.

If you have the possibility, come and join on us on the cruise. It would be fabulous to have many of the participants of PEZmiitti to join us on the boat, and we actually have convinced already some of you to do so :) Also it is likely that there will be some of our Swedish PEZ collector friends on the same boat, returning home from PEZmiitti. What could be nicer than spending an enjoyable evening and Sunday day on the boat in a good company.

If you are interested, please book your trip directly from Viking Line website. Cruise is not directly part of PEZmiitti and we don't have any arrangements with Viking Line. Everyone reserves and pays their trip by themselves.


Any questions?

If you have any questions relating to PEZmiitti or just want to get hold of us organizers, please write us an email and send it to finnpez (ät) gmail . com.

Welcome to PEZmiitti - we hope see lot of PEZ collectors there.

Best regards PEZ brothers Pirkka & Markku and the rest of the FinnPEZ Crew